“Do you know Japan?”
Nowadays, a fair number of Australians can answer "Yes, I do." to this question. Then, how about this question "What do you know about Japan?"
There is a gap in perception about Japan between Japanese and Australians. Japan has been changing little by little and day by day, but it also has been maintaining many of its traditions. This month will see the launch of the inaugural Japanese festival in Perth. The aim of this festival is to tell Australians more about Japan. The opening event, titled "Heart Art in Perth" will be held 24th of Oct (Friday.), Over the following month we will be able to participate in a variety of festival events held around the Perth area.

でも、じゃあニッポンのどんなことを知っていますか? 今のニッポンと彼らのニッポンは、少し違うはず。伝統を保ちつつも、変化しているニッポン。 今回、新たに“ニッポン”を知ってもらおうと、パースで初めての“ニッポン”フェスタが 10月24日(金)の「Heart Art in Perth」を皮切りに約1ヶ月間、パース各地で行われます。

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